At Birdy, Compliance means Social, Environmental & Quality
Why target only customer’s satisfaction?
Quality is for all.


Quality of working environment

SA 8000 certified, and approved by VF, we are audited several times a year. For Birdy, social standards are not an obligation. It is a necessity for a sustainable company. It means cleanliness, safety, proper channels of communication through worker committees.

Apart from regular medical facilities, and creche, we also conduct special check up camps.

Quality & Safety of Materials

Our experienced team sources and test fabrics, prints, & dyeing – washing technics.

Vendors are rated as per their performance and reviewed every season.
Defects in Fabric & Accessories are followed through a CAR system (Corrective Action Requests).


Quality of garments

Our Quality audit team acts as a third party to deliver final inspection certificate.

They represent the customer in Birdy’s network of suppliers and coordinate directly with our customer’s quality teams.

Quality of processes

In Birdy, every division is a customer to previous division and a supplier to next division.

All divisions have got an organization chart, SOPs and policies.